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Cancer Strikes Again


Our vision for VOBOC was to expand into another hospital. As a board, we were working towards that goal when Doreen was struck again with cancer in June of 2010. No one ever plans for cancer – and certainly not when you are busy doing other things. Cancer forced Doreen to the sidelines. But it allowed the VOBOC board to find its place, offering it room to grow and become much stronger. It is probably one of the best blessings that have come out of this new cancer experience.

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The Lara Information Kit


When Lara died shortly before Christmas in 2009, her family raised money for the “Friends of Lara Fund” and they donated it to VOBOC. The funds are being used to create a resource kit called the “Lara Information Kit.” It contains tools and resources to help patients navigate through the cancer experience.

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Meet Lara


Another inspiring patient for VOBOC is Lara. A young teacher, at the beginning of her dream career, was diagnosed with cancer. Admitted to the hospital as a new patient, Lara received her Vo-Pak from her medical team. She was thrilled and went out of her way to let us know by asking VOBOC to visit her. Lara’s active mind was forever thinking of items that could be added to the backpack to make it even better. As weeks past during hospitalization, Lara and her dad would play a special game late at night; they would name more essential items that needed [...]

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VOBOC Expands into JGH


VOBOC expanded and introduced its two services for the AYA population into yet another McGill oncology centre: the Segal Cancer Centre at the Sir Mortimer B. Davis of the Jewish General Hospital. The medical teams embraced VOBOC as we quickly began delivering Vo-Paks, granting Special Requests and offering free diversions to their young patients.

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Meet Louise


Doreen met Louise after her third bout with breast cancer. She’d heard about the quiet work that VOBOC was doing and wanted to become a volunteer. She had such enthusiasm; you couldn’t resist her energy. She shadowed Doreen at the hospital several times to see how we delivered our services. She was taking notes of everything. “Why are you offering so many services? You can’t do it all!” She’d always say. The two became great friends, Doreen valued her instincts and business acumen. And so, at our five-year review, with Louise’s assistance, the VOBOC board decided to narrow our services and [...]

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VOBOC Finds a Niche


VOBOC trims its free services to focus exclusively upon older Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) Oncology patients. At the time, we were offering our three free services at four hospitals: Royal Victoria, Montreal General, Montreal Neurological, Lakeshore General. VOBOC was being called to the Royal Vic more frequently to meet young adults who were in need of special assistance. It was tough to keep up with the growing demand from the AYA population and we seemed to have our resources and energy stretched to the maximum.

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Meet Maureen


Doreen was doing rounds in one of the hospitals when she encountered a woman named Maureen. She was a really good golfer. Doreen, who had just started golfing herself, talked about how much she loved swinging her clubs. Maureen asked her to show her swing – it was a baseball/soccer/java throwing kind of a swing. “You need a little help with that,” she said. Doreen asked her to help. Maureen said, “Well I’m here at this time every day so come by one time.” Three days later, Doreen showed up with her 7 Iron and really surprised her. “Why did you [...]

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VOBOC Introduces 3 Programs to a Fourth Hospital


We introduced our Venturing Out Program, Granting of Special Requests and the AYA Vo-Pak Program to the Lakeshore General Hospital. As this was the hospital who treated Doreen during her diagnosis, this was another empowering way to give back. Just like the MUHC, the Lakeshore oncology team was thrilled to have their patients win weekend getaways and gift certificates.

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The Vo-Pak Program is Launched


There were multiple discussions with medical teams about what they thought about VOBOC supplying backpacks to their young patients. They were on board, without a doubt. Together, we brainstormed different elements to put in the backpack. The list grew and grew. This is how the new Vo-Pak (Venturing Out Backpack) Program began. Vo-Paks were, and still are today, comprised of a Medical Education Kit, a Resource and Link Kit, a Hospital Comfort Kit, an Awareness Tool Kit, and a Venturing Out Kit, which has such things as iTunes and restaurant gift cards, as well as vouchers for free diversions to help [...]

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