In Canada, 23 cases are diagnosed every single day, or 8,400 annually.

Most commonly diagnosed cancers among this group: thyroid, testicular, lymphoma, breast, melanoma, sarcoma and cervical.

Their lives are interrupted and far too frequently, adolescents and young adults with cancer are misdiagnosed or diagnosed late, leading to greater challenges and poorer outcomes.

Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs) with cancer face unique challenges:

What is VOBOC

VOBOC is a Montréal-based non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to equip, engage and empower Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer to improve their experiences and health outcomes.

VOBOC works with the hospital oncology teams to help empower these newly diagnosed young people by providing them with tools, resources and free diversions, and by connecting them with support services.


VOBOC’s Impact

Vo-Paks have been given to new patients
Last or Special Requests granted
AYA cancer patients helped
Individuals reached through education and awareness

All About VOBOC

Our Vision – For Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Mission – Equip, Engage, and Empower Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer to improve their experiences and health outcomes.

Our Values – Confidentiality, integrity, compassion, trust and empathy.

Our Commitment – To use the funds entrusted to us wisely. Eighty cents of every dollar goes directly to patients through our three core programs: Vo-Pak, Last or Special Requests and Education and Awareness.

Our Pillars

Equip – VOBOC delivers free Vo-Pak backpacks to hospital oncology units. Vo-Paks contain practical items for a hospital stay, as well as tools and resources to help patients in navigating the health care system and in accessing supportive services.

Engage – VOBOC connects with patients as they begin their cancer treatment and offers programs to engage them and address their specific needs.

Empower – Equipped and Engaged patients become Empowered – active participants in their wellness and cancer care plan thus leading to improved experiences and better health outcomes.

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