Education and Awareness

In Canada, 23 Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs) are diagnosed with cancer every day, 8,400 cases annually. In Montreal, it is one case every 12 hours. These young lives are interrupted and far too frequently AYAs are misdiagnosed or diagnosed late, leading to potentially greater treatment challenges and poorer outcomes.

VOBOC uses its twenty years of experience in the cancer care space to help inform and create awareness regarding the impact cancer has on AYAs. In working with health care professionals (HCPs) and our Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Ambassadors, VOBOC is able to Equip, Engage, and Empower the broader community.

VOBOC has initiatives that engage medical teams, corporate partners and local community including schools, organizations and the general public.


Health Care Professionals

  • Lunch and Learns with health care teams
  • Knowledge exchange regarding patient experience
  • HCP needs assessment
  • Collaboration on advancing Cancer care

Corporate Partners

  • Partner communication package which shows how their support addresses the needs of AYAs with cancer
  • Employee engagement opportunity through involvement in one of our programs or though contribution of products
  • Public recognition and post-event engagement report detailing impact on employees and patients
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Y2Y Ambassador Program

VOBOC’s Ambassadors help educate our community about AYAs and cancer through presentations offered to the general public and in schools.

VOBOC’s Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Ambassador Program goal is to build positive change by raising awareness regarding the needs and challenges of AYAs with cancer.

As peers ambassadors bring their passion and energy to the topic of AYAs with cancer. Through education we hope to initiate earlier diagnosis, which will lead to better health outcomes.

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Local Community

VOBOC interacts with the community through schools, local organizations and the general public, particularly engaging the AYA population to become advocates for their peers through the Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Ambassador Program.

Schools, local organizations and the general public

  • Invitations to join initiatives that support AYA cancer patients
  • Communication materials including information on AYA cancer, posters, call-to-action flyers
  • Public recognition, follow-up engagement report and photos of the event

Education & Awareness Impact

Dr. Thierry Muanza

Assistant Professor,
Departments of Oncology and Neurology, Neurosurgery Associate Member, Department of Medicine,
Division of Experimental Medicine

Education and Awareness

VOBOC supports and leads initiatives that raise awareness and public sensitivity regarding needs of AYAs with cancer.
VOBOC encourages communities to participate in activities or fundraising that impacts the lives of young cancer patients.
VOBOC’s success is only made possible by the involvement of the community.