Volunteers play a critical role

VOBOC achieves its mission because volunteers join our efforts. Each volunteer brings their individual skills that contribute to our ability to improve the experience and outcomes for AYAs with Cancer.

Volunteers in Action:

Volunteer Impact

Retired Nurses

“Imagine receiving a hug from a total stranger. A whole conversation takes place, without one word ever being spoken. At a time when you are at a loss for words, VOBOC’s “hugs” speak volumes. There is no more beautiful embrace to receive…”

“I like volunteering at VOBOC because it’s a cause I believe in, and I also like the atmosphere and attitude of VOBOC. I like the people I volunteer with, it’s not a chore at all and I look forward to the next project that comes up.”

Retired Respirologist

“I believe in VOBOC, its mission, the genuine caring, commitment and dedication of the staff and volunteers, and the selflessness, sincerity and devotion of its founder. At VOBOC, all resources are directed to address the unique needs of adolescents and young adults who have cancer in order to help them navigate their cancer experience. I can’t think of a better cause to volunteer for.”

Retired Businesswomen

“Personally, I just enjoy getting together with the VOBOC staff and other volunteers, helping out with anything that needs to get done, from making plans to taking inventory. It never seems like work, when you are with family and friends.”

“My mother always told me: ‘You only get out of this world what you put into it,’ and I believe it is very true. I am extremely fortunate that neither myself nor my family and friends have been touched by this disease, so I feel I need to give back.”

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