There were multiple discussions with medical teams about what they thought about VOBOC supplying backpacks to their young patients. They were on board, without a doubt.

Together, we brainstormed different elements to put in the backpack. The list grew and grew.

This is how the new Vo-Pak (Venturing Out Backpack) Program began. Vo-Paks were, and still are today, comprised of a Medical Education Kit, a Resource and Link Kit, a Hospital Comfort Kit, an Awareness Tool Kit, and a Venturing Out Kit, which has such things as iTunes and restaurant gift cards, as well as vouchers for free diversions to help youth escape their thoughts of cancer to just feel “normal” again.

It seemed that every week VOBOC was being asked to meet another new young patient. This new program seemed to be a great way to welcome young patients to the hospital on their first day of treatment. It really set a different tone for the beginnings of their cancer journey.