While Tristan Williams was battling cancer for the second time at the age of 21, he received VOBOC’s Vo-Pak, a backpack filled with tools and resources to help him navigate the cancer journey that was ahead of him. “Little did I know that this backpack would change my life forever. In it were things that reminded me of home. There were pyjamas, a toothbrush and Listerine. And there was a lion, a stuffed animal. His name was Leon the lion and Leon stood for courage. When I reached out to VOBOC after my surgery, they put me right underneath their wing” explained Tristan. “They introduced me to support groups where I was able to meet hundreds of other young adults living with cancer. VOBOC opened the door for me to walk through and empower myself. Having that access to community helped to save my life.”

Please watch the 2 videos below of Trsitan Williams and his powerful story and how VOBOC saved his life.

Tristan Williams speech and performance of Hands for Hope on April 21, 2015 at the West Island Community Shares Distribution Gala.