VOBOC recently received a special request from a music loving patient. Unfortunately, due to his chemotherapy treatments, his hearing has been affected and he has had to drop out of a music school because of this new heightened sensitivity to sound. There was however, a way to ensure that he could continue to pursue his passion of percussions: if he could get some quality, sound-minimizing headphones, he could continue to play without over burdening his ears.

beyer dynamic headphonesHeadphones such as these are quite expensive and the patient’s hospital team came to VOBOC to ask if we could help. We got in touch in with the wonderful people at Techni Contact who, upon hearing the unfortunate circumstances, generously donated a pair of Beyer Dynamic headphones. We are grateful to Techni Contact for understanding that it is especially when a young person is undergoing cancer treatment that they need their passions the most.