The medical team at the McGill University Health Centre contacted VOBOC with a special request from one of its young patients. The dying wish of the 32 year old mum with sarcoma (a rare form of cancer) was to have a family portrait taken with her two children aged, three and seven, and her husband. Within 48 hours, VOBOC and its tremendous partner, Kathleen Girard, owner of Cookie Photo located in Plaza Pointe-Claire were at the hospital for a very special photo shoot to answer a long-time dream of having some lasting photographical memories as a family.

The photo session was difficult as there was sadness in knowing that there were just days remaining for this young beautiful woman, but it was evident that there was a tremendous sense of gratitude that these precious moments of snuggles could be captured to help her young children remember the embraces and love of their mother. With magical touches to the photos by Kathleen a few days later VOBOC delivered a series of beautifully framed photos to the hospital. The patient called to express her deep gratitude and appreciation that we were able to fulfill her last wish. Sadly she passed away a few days later.