How your donations help

VOBOC’s mission is to improve the experiences and outcomes for adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer. We also provide leadership in raising public awareness regarding increasing occurrences of cancer in a normally robust AYA population. VOBOC offers its three services at hospitals within Montreal and surrounding areas.

The growing demand for VOBOC’s free services makes donations absolutely essential to our work.  Your support ensures that we can help AYAs whose lives have been interrupted by cancer.

Here are some examples of how your contributions support AYA cancer patients:

  1. Every $250 donated funds a Vo-Pak backpack, which is delivered by oncology teams who offer them to their AYA patients on their first day of treatment. Each Vo-Pak contains a hospital comfort kit, a Venturing Out kit and useful tools and resources.
  2. Every $500 donated enables VOBOC to co-sponsor a wellness retreat or event for AYA cancer patients.
  3. Every $1000 donated allows us to grant 2 Special Requests to patients in crisis, in transition to or in palliative care.