A student’s perspective

This summer VOBOC was fortunate to have been awarded a grant from the federal government to hire a student for seven weeks. This important grant was awarded by local Members of Parliament (MP). We would to thank Mr. Francis Scarpaleggia, MP for Lac Saint Louis for this tremendous opportunity. We selected candidate, Alex Tinmouth a long-standing VOBOC volunteer. She readily accepted the opportunity. She was a tremendous help having worked on a number of projects: special and last requests, delivery of Vo-Paks and the many other initiatives. Alex is a bright shining star and we wish her well as she enters [...]

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Fulfilling a mom’s dying wish

                The medical team at the McGill University Health Centre contacted VOBOC with a special request from one of its young patients. The dying wish of the 32 year old mum with sarcoma (a rare form of cancer) was to have a family portrait taken with her two children aged, three and seven, and her husband. Within 48 hours, VOBOC and its tremendous partner, Kathleen Girard, owner of Cookie Photo located in Plaza Pointe-Claire were at the hospital for a very special photo shoot to answer a long-time dream of having some lasting photographical [...]

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Cancer diagnosis gives young man new outlook on life

Smiling at Life A year ago, Ottaviano Rosada and his wife Pina were walking on sunshine. The couple were about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, they were house hunting and about to start a family. Then Ottaviano fell ill. A bout of strep throat in September 2014, prompted the 33-year-old to make a doctor’s appointment for a check-up. The doctor did a routine exam and ordered blood tests. The very next day, the couple’s life fell apart. “The doctor called. He said he had some bad news, but wouldn’t say more over the phone. He told me to go to [...]

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Tristan Williams Powerful Story

While Tristan Williams was battling cancer for the second time at the age of 21, he received VOBOC's Vo-Pak, a backpack filled with tools and resources to help him navigate the cancer journey that was ahead of him. "Little did I know that this backpack would change my life forever. In it were things that reminded me of home. There were pyjamas, a toothbrush and Listerine. And there was a lion, a stuffed animal. His name was Leon the lion and Leon stood for courage. When I reached out to VOBOC after my surgery, they put me right underneath their wing" explained Tristan. [...]

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Treasure Hunt Sponsors 2015

Thank you to our Sponsors who are generously supported our 2015 Treasure Hunt for Life.

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Chain of Kindness

VOBOC's Treasure Hunt for Life spokesperson Laura Loebenberg invites the community to join her "Chain of Kindness" to help VOBOC reach more adolescents and young adults with cancer. When Laura was 14 she learned she had a cancerous tumour the size of a baseball growing in her brain. VOBOC helped Laura when she was first diagnosed and has throughout her five year battle with the cancer. Watch her interview below on CBC Montreal News with Tanya Birkbeck which aired on May 1, 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MNBve4QY-Q   Listen to Laura Loebenberg's interview on CJAD with Barry Morgan which aired on May 1, 2015 https://soundcloud.com/barry-morgan-show/laura-loebenberg-battle-with-cancer-may-1-2015 [...]

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Youth helping youth

LaSalle College students help teens and young adults with cancer Alanna Parasuco and some fellow students from the LaSalle College Event Planning Program are lending a helping hand to VOBOC, a charity that has been supporting adolescents and young adults with cancer for over 14 years. The team of five students is gaining a tremendous amount of hands-on experience organizing VOBOC’s annual fundraiser the Treasure Hunt for Life taking place on May 23. “Because of cancer many Montreal teenagers and young adults are travelling down a dark road,” says Ms. Parasuco. “Personally, I’ve watched the disease derail the lives of a [...]

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Kristin’s wish comes true!

Thanks to the wonderful people at VOBOC, I was able to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thursday, January 22nd, I began my journey with my cousin and to my surprise my mother and my two sisters. The drive down to Boston was great, you couldn’t have asked for better driving weather, especially in January. When we arrived in Boston we settled right away into our hotel room- which took my breath away. The hotel used to be an old prison; just by walking in the front doors of the lobby you can [...]

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West Island Chronicle covers Doreen Edward at World Cancer Day 2015

February 4, 2015 was World Cancer Day.  VOBOC's founder Doreen Edward delivered a talk in Toronto entitled ‘Engagement- the key to innovation – the key in fighting cancer’ to an audience of Canada’s top cancer researchers, physicians and health care professionals and federal and provincial politicians. Please click on the below link to read the article covered by The West Island Chronicle: https://www.westislandchronicle.com/My-neighborhood-/2015-02-13/article-4043170/VOBOC-founder-addresses-World-Cancer-Day-conference/1 As well, VOBOC released an official press release on February 4, 2015, please click here to read the full press release.  

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Doreen Edward addressed World Cancer Day 2015

Doreen Edward, VOBOC’s Founder addressed a prestigious group of cancer specialists at Canada’s World Cancer Day Event at the MaRs Centre for Innovation in Toronto on February 4 2015, an event organized by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.  Doreen’s speech, entitled ‘Engagement – the key to innovation – the key in fighting cancer’ was delivered in Toronto to an audience of Canada’s top cancer researchers, physicians, health care professionals, federal and provincial politicians including the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Federal Minister of Health. Click here to read the full speech.

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