Courage Incentive Program

As treatment begins, the Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs) with cancer can face obstacles that set them back and, at times, seem overwhelming. Their treatment may have difficult side effects, they may be unable to continue school or work and they may feel socially isolated. This can cause them distress and they can become an indifferent participant in their treatment plan.

VOBOC’s Courage Incentive Program (CIP) supports the engagement of AYAs during the most intense state of crisis. The program’s goal is to improve patient outcomes by providing health care professionals with a resource to assist their patients identified as distressed and struggling to adhere to their prescribed treatment.

A resource to help patients become active participants in their wellness and cancer care plan.

Health care professionals meet with AYA patients deemed to be in crisis to review wellness goals. Using the CIP Passport, the health care professional invites the patient to identify their goals. Together, they establish objectives towards these goals. The patient’s progress is tracked and reviewed by their health care professional.

The Courage Incentive Program Includes:
  • A health care professional guide booklet
  • A patient passport containing checkpoints
  • Assessment tools for measuring patient experience
  • Achievement report
  • Report for health care professional
  • Leadership report summarizing annual statistics and insights on engagement

Courage Incentive Program Impact

“The benefits that the ‘Courage Incentive Program has had for ‘Anne’ are real, visible and measurable. ‘Anne is now motivated to take care of her physical, emotional and spiritual needs. VOBOC has given her access to a program that engaged her to do positive things for herself. Without this tool ‘Anne may have not had the energy or drive to do so. The CIP was able to promote well being and happiness in the life of a young adult who was overcome with sadness and fear.” Quote from Dr. Geneviève Chaput

Courage Incentive Program

The program provides health care professionals with a resource to help motivate their young patients to become active participants in their customized wellness and cancer care plan. Shown is Dr. Mitchell presenting his young patient with an iPad.