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Get involved in a meaningful way!

VOBOC rely’s strongly on our amazing volunteers and supporters to help us to continue doing all of the good work every year that we do in our mission of improving the experience and outcomes of Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer

Fundraising events can take many forms. Some fun events ideas could include:

Organize a Poker Game – Charge each person a set price to play. The winner wins 50% of the pot and the other 50% goes to VOBOC.
Have a Garage Sale – Pick a nice weekend afternoon, clean out your garage/basement and donate the proceeds to VOBOC.
Host a Comedy Night – Many comedy clubs in Montreal will offer discounted tickets to fundraisers, so get all of your friends out for a laugh and help VOBOC at the same time.
Make a fancy Dinner Party in your home – Invite your friends over for dinner, charge them $20-$50 and ask them to bring their own wine. Give your friends a chance to get dressed up and support VOBOC!
Have an Outdoor BBQ – Buy hot dogs and buns in bulk, use either your home BBQ or a public one in a park (such as Angrignon park), invite your friends and charge them for the goodies with the funds going to help VOBOC.
Organize a Wine and Cheese – Have your friends come over with their favorite bottle of wine and/or their favorite cheese. Charge them $20 to try all of the wines and the cheeses together with the proceeds going to VOBOC.
Have a Bar Night at your Local Pub – Arrange a pub night with your friends and ask your local bar to donate 50% of the proceeds from your group that night to VOBOC.
Participate in a Walk/Run Event – There are many walk/run events in Montreal throughout the summer. Sign up for one and have your friends & family pledge you to participate for the benefit of VOBOC.
Host a Bowling Party – Contact your local bowling alley, invite all of your friends and organize a charity bowling event for the benefit of VOBOC.
Organize a Car Wash – Gather some friends, make some signs, get a hose and bucket, and wash some cars! Its a great way to get your kids involved in helping VOBOC too!
Make a Raffle Either hold a 50/50 raffle, get a raffle prize donated (hockey tickets are always a great one if you know anyone willing to donate a pair), or create your own raffle prize basket to sell a ticket for VOBOC.

These are just some ideas but there are many more! We have resources to help you! If you have an idea but don’t know where to begin, or want to begin but are looking for a good idea, please contact Casey at the VOBOC office today (514 695 9292 /

We are looking forward to getting you started!